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YOJ is a contemporary jewellery brand that embodies conceptual creativity and understated elegance. Taking inspiration from the curves and linear lines present in the human body and nature, YOJ's designs exude aesthetic finesse. The brand name is derived from the Hmong word for "wave," reflecting the brand's passion for crafting jewellery that flows effortlessly like waves.

With over a decade of experience in the jewellery industry, YOJ launched in 2019 to showcase its creativity to customers, bringing together jewellery, fashion, fluidity, art, and everyday style. The brand's creative DNA reflects the influence of London life and vibe, ensuring its uniqueness in every aspect. YOJ is a community that celebrates individuality and offers a range of sculptural creations and delicate pieces for everyday wear.

“Yoj” means wave and this concept inspired my brand. I want everyone to celebrate the freedom and fluidity of their  life. I have created a collection which is personable and constantly moving, just like water”. 

We create modern classics in long-lasting materials. Jewellery designed to be treasure and worn all day.

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"Infused with a tinge of nostalgia by incorporating a vintage look ."

Looking back to the first time when creativity and design became an integral part of my life, the “School of Art” collection references the knowledge and experience attained at art school to develop my creative vision with a unique point of view. 

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At the core of our design process are innovation and creativity, which is why we keep all design stages in-house, with experienced designers who pour their hearts into every detail of each piece. Our designers draw inspiration from personal experiences with art, cultural exchange, insights, and inspiration to create unique and breathtaking designs.

We take pride in offering bespoke designs that are exclusively made for us. To ensure that our designs stand out in the market, we work with talented 3D designers who bring our intriguing designs to life. This way, you won't find anything else like our pieces on the market.


At YOJ, we pride ourselves in using the highest quality materials, from responsibly sourced gemstones to precious metals like recycled 18k gold vermeil and silver. Our expert jewellers span the globe, with our sterling silver and gemstone specialists based in India, and our craftsmen in Italy, where we believe the best chains are made.

We work closely with small jewellers and family businesses as we strongly believe that putting heart and soul into our pieces is the only way to achieve quality. That's why we avoid the middleman concept and mass production, even though competing with well-established brands can be challenging. At YOJ, we prioritise quality and craftsmanship over profits.

We're confident in the quality of our pieces, which is why they come with a two-year warranty against any potential defects from materials or workmanship.



Already established as a luxury fashion brand for women’s jewellery, YOJ is pleased to announce the launch of the men’s line of jewellery for Autumn/Winter 2021. Seeing the cultural shift in gender fluid dressing, the debut collection entitled “FLUID” is catering for an audience that seek unique pieces with a timeless appeal.

Setting the tone for uncompromising style this season, this collection of jewellery for men is characterised by a refined aesthetic that marries a quiet sophistication with a modern edge. Consisting of classic styles for the everyday and creative designs incorporating distinctive brand signatures for a subtle statement. 

RE MEN .png

Our latest sustainable collection features jewellery crafted from 100% recycled metals, eliminating the need for new silver mining and reducing air and waste pollution caused during production. Recycling old silver pieces enables us to melt down the metal, cast it and reuse it for fresh purposes, thereby making a significant contribution towards environmental change. By choosing to accessorise with this collection, you can take an eco-friendly step towards a better tomorrow, without compromising on quality.

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