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YOJ is a modern jewellery brand designed with a conceptual creativity and infused with an understated elegance. Translated from the Hmong word for "wave", YOJ
takes inspiration from the curves and linear lines found in the human body and the nature to craft jewellery pieces with aesthetic finesse. Blending sculptural creations with delicate pieces for the everyday.

With over 10 years of jewellery experience in 2019 time has come to show our creativity to costumer and YOJ become the link between jewellery, fashion, fluid, art and your's every day look. The influence of London life and vibe is captured in our creative DNA and we make sure that we are as unique as every individual who become part of YOJ community.

“Yoj” means wave and this concept inspired my brand. I want every woman to celebrate the freedom and fluidity of her life. I have created a collection which is personable and constantly moving, just like water”. 

We create modern classics in long-lasting materials. Jewellery designed to be treasure and worn all day.

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With innovation and creativity at the heart of every stage, all design process is kept in-house and designed by experienced designer who puts her heart into every detail of each piece through insight, inspiration, cultural exchange, or personal experience with art.

We made sure that our designs were bespoke made for us. Every intrigued design is developed with talented 3D designer, to make sure you haven not see anything like that in the market.

Our expert jewellers then use the highest quality materials from precious metals from recycled 18k gold vermeil and silver, to responsibly sourced gemstones. Our jewellers span the globe, our sterling silver and gemstone experts, for example, are in India,and the craftsmen behind many of our products in Italy. We believe the best chains can be made between German and Italy. 


We work with a lots of small jewellers and little family businesses, as we strongly believe that only when you put your heart in place you can achieve quality. That is why we cut the middleman concept and mass production It can be challenging to compete with well established brands, but we put the quality and craftsmanship before profits.


We’re confident in the quality of our pieces, which is why they come with a two-year warranty in case of any potential defects from the materials or workmanship.

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Our newest sustainable collection presents jewellery made of 100% recycled metals which eliminates the need for new silver mining, not to mention cuts down extraordinary amounts of air and waste pollution made in the production process. By recycling pieces of old silver, we can melt down the metal, cast and reuse it for new purposes, and make a big step towards changing the environment for the better. No quality is compromised by switching to recycle silver so, accessorise the eco-friendly way with this collection. 

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