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Our entire production ecosystem, including sourcing, manufacturing, and branding aims to mitigate our impact on the environment, support and empower our partners, and give back to our communities. 

In the process of development we are trying to never waste a scrap of precious metal, we've worked hard with our factories to find solutions for a more sustainable process. To help reduce metal waste we are working with 3D files to reduce the amount of silver mould produce, and even so every mould that we used in development process are being melted and reused in the process.


Traceability and transparency are key to avoiding unintended negative impacts at any stage of the creation process and we are committed to the highest level of sustainability. Given the multiple hand-offs in the development process of jewellery supply chain, traceability can be challenging but we’re taking the challenge to continuously establish frameworks and processes to improve the traceability of our materials across our supply chain. All of our factories are audited every one to three years. The audits are conducted by independent auditing bodies to standards such as the RJC code of practice and the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) base code. We working with agents based in every country that carry organic spot checks on regular bases, so we made sure we keep our suppliers focus on the right way of working.

All our factories now manufacture with Recycled Gold Plating

and reused in the process.






90% of our metals is from recycled sources.

All our factories now manufacture with Recycled Gold Plating.


All of our factories are audited every one to three years.



Made with FSC certified materials, all of our packaging can be reused, recycled.

RE MEN .png

Our newest sustainable collection presents jewellery made of 100% recycled metals which eliminates the need for new silver mining, not to mention cuts down extraordinary amounts of air and waste pollution made in the production process. By recycling pieces of old silver, we can melt down the metal, cast and reuse it for new purposes, and make a big step towards changing the environment for the better. No quality is compromised by switching to recycle silver so, accessorise the eco-friendly way with this collection. 

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