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our mission 

We see jewellery as an expression of self, and how you show up in the world should have no limits. We created this brand out of the fear of being ordinary. We are making sure that your every day jewellery express well how unique you are. That's why we work with master jewellers to create pieces that feel like you — to mean what you want, wear how you want and customise your every day with YOJ. Our jewellery is made to live in, designed in-house with craftsmanship and responsible sourced to make sure that we can proudly say ‘Those are long lasting pieces that can satisfied your expectations of quality’



Quality comes before quantity

RE MEN .png

Our newest sustainable collection presents jewellery made of 100% recycled metals which eliminates the need for new silver mining, not to mention cuts down extraordinary amounts of air and waste pollution made in the production process. By recycling pieces of old silver, we can melt down the metal, cast and reuse it for new purposes, and make a big step towards changing the environment for the better. No quality is compromised by switching to recycle silver so, accessorise the eco-friendly way with this collection. 

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