As every body is unique in every shape and form, these vases represents delicate imperfection of woman body and they come all in slightly different shapes.


The "its Justine Journal" Collection is a celebration of femininity and the body that takes us through our lives in any shape and form. Self Awareness is a key for happiness and this is what we would like encourage.


Flora in the Garden ceramics are all handmade by Dutch plantbased potter Anne-Fleur Kan. Tiny vases and bigger vases, all made to celebrate the body in all it's shapes and forms (mostly with boobs. Yay boobs!)


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  • A lil boobievase in white clay. Holds water so can be used as a vase. Handmade with stoneware clay. Glazed with transparant glazing and pink colou nipples detail.

    6 - 8 cm tall

    All made in Netherlands