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Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of our production ecosystem. From sourcing to manufacturing to branding, we strive to minimise our impact on the environment, support and empower our partners, and give back to our communities.

We take great care to ensure that we never waste a scrap of precious metal during the development process. We have collaborated closely with our factories to find sustainable solutions, such as using 3D files to reduce the number of silver moulds produced. Furthermore, every mould we use in the development process is melted down and reused to help reduce metal waste.


We place a high value on traceability and transparency to ensure that our jewellery creation process has minimal unintended negative impacts. Despite the challenges posed by the multiple hand-offs in the supply chain, we are committed to continuously improving the traceability of our materials through the establishment of frameworks and processes. Our factories are audited every one to three years by independent auditing bodies to ensure compliance with standards such as the RJC code of practice and the Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI) base code. We work with agents in every country to carry out regular organic spot checks to ensure our suppliers are adhering to the correct working standards.

Furthermore, all of our factories now use recycled gold plating and aim to minimize metal waste by reusing materials in the production process. Read more information on our materials and plating process here.






90% of our metals are 

from recycled sources.

All our factories now manufacture with Recycled Gold Plating.


All of our factories are audited every one to three years.



Made with FSC certified materials, all of our packaging can be reused, recycled.


Sometimes in the waves of change, we find our true definition

RE MEN .png

Our latest sustainable collection features jewellery crafted from 100% recycled metals, eliminating the need for new silver mining and reducing air and waste pollution caused during production. Recycling old silver pieces enables us to melt down the metal, cast it and reuse it for fresh purposes, thereby making a significant contribution towards environmental change. By choosing to accessorise with this collection, you can take an eco-friendly step towards a better tomorrow, without compromising on quality.

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