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18ct Gold Vermeil


Vermeil, pronounced 'ver-may', is a plating quality applied to a Sterling Silver base, delivering the quality you love without the pure gold price tag. Sterling silver metal is soft and malleable, enabling the creation of delicate, divine details that give the pieces their weightier feel and high-end finish. To enhance the quality and value of our jewellery, we add a thick layer of 2.5 microns of real gold on top of the base, which makes it more expensive. For extra durability, we use electrolysis, an electrical current technique, to ensure each piece can withstand the test of time.

We take pride in using 100% recycled sterling silver and recycled gold plating at all our factories to ensure our gold vermeil jewellery is sustainable and eco-friendly.


You may have come across those waterproof jewellery brands, but we have some bad news for you: demi-fine jewellery is not waterproof. We believe in honesty and quality, which is why we always strive to provide our customers with the truth. Other brands that falsely advertise their jewellery as waterproof may mislead customers, but at YOJ, we prioritise accuracy and transparency.

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18ct Gold Plated


At YOJ, all our gold-plated pieces are plated onto brass using the same method as vermeil. We then electroplate them with a two-micron layer of gold, ensuring that they're not 'flash plated,' 'dipped,' or 'gold-tone' like other brands. Our pieces boast a thicker 18ct gold layer that guarantees long-lasting quality. While most brands plate their brass with just one micron of 18ct gold, we believe that quality should come before quantity. That's why we've upgraded our plating to two microns.

To ensure that our gold plating is sustainable, we use recycled gold plating in all our factories. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and encourage you to learn more about our sustainability efforts here.

Silver Plating


At YOJ, our sterling-silver plated pieces feature a layer of sterling silver plated onto brass, with a layer of anti-tarnish on top for added durability. These pieces are plated with the same process as our sterling silver, but they don't have a '925' stamp since they're not 92.5% pure silver. Nevertheless, they're still incredibly durable and long-lasting.


You may have noticed that some jewellery brands have varying silver colours, ranging from lighter to darker oxidized details. At YOJ, we've plated our silver range with an extra layer of sift rhodium, along with an additional layer of anti-tarnish on top. This ensures that our silver pieces maintain their shine and durability, while also providing a timeless and consistent colour.

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